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Lake Judy Lee Largo, Florida

Lake Judy Lee is located in mid Pinellas County Florida and is the city limits of Largo. Lake Judy Lee is a naturally occuring lake at justLake Judy Lee Largo, FL Eco Pond Rescue under 3 acres. The approximate age is undetermined, however many people remember it from 50+ years ago as a preferred bass fishing spot and was known for the clear cool water.

The property is a mix of commercial and residential, but the water is owned by a single entity. On the south side there is 8 residential homes, all built in the late 1960's early 1970's with property that adjoins the lake. On the north side is commercial property, professional business offices, and a large roadway - East Bay Drive.

Sometime in the late 1990's FDOT made road improvments to East Bay Drive and as such re-reouted a stormwater drain to empty into Lake Judy Lee on the north end with a small weir on the south end which eventually runs into the Seminole Bypass Canal.

Lake Judy Lee Eco Pond Rescue

Shortly after this transition, Lake Judy Lee began to suffer large nuisance weed blooms including hydrilla, duckweed, spatterdock, coontail and elodea. In addition, string (filamentous) algae and blue green algae began to take hold.

Over the years, several different aquatic weed spraying companies were employed to control the lake. None succeeded. Lake Judy Lee was nutrient rich and the weeds/algae became resistent. Most common herbicide and algaecides were tried such as Diquat, Copper and Sonar. A fine bubble diffuser system was installed and a contractor was hired to manually remove the vegetation.

None of these solutions worked.

In October of 2008, Eco Pond Rescue was hired to remediate the lake and return it to its natural beauty. The plan was a multi faceted approach which entailed working closely with the City of Largo, residents, the property owner and a FWC.

Lake Judy Lee Eco Pond RescuePhase 1 - Manual clean up of floating aquatic weeds and algae using Skimmer Nets, Rakes and Booms. This was an ongoing process, but the majority was done early in the project.

Phase 2 - Installation of 3 Eco Pond Rescue's aeration and circulation equipment (LIPVACS) in three positions around the lake.

Phase 3 - Introduction of Triploid Grass Carp to take control of the hydrilla. Fish gates were added on the inlet and outflow.

Phase 4 - Nutrient reduction. We used our Pond Cleaning Logs which is a polymer that binds to nutrients and other particles. 1 Pond Cleaning Log for each LIPVACS for a total of 3.

We estimated a 1 year recovery process and were pleasantly surprised when at the 8 month mark, Lake Judy Lee was healed.

Today, Lake Judy Lee is in great shape without an algae bloom or nuisance weed problem. Residents report the lake is better than ever and now enjoy the views.Lake Judy Lee Eco Pond Rescue










Water Test Summary - Reduction of PO4 and NTUi
(NOTE: The Pond Cleaning Logs were installed early September. Two months after initial testing.)